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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Yay!! A big round of applause to you all!

Well done, well done!! It's been a fantastic day and i hope you've all enjoyed your very long day of reading. I hope you've ploughed through plenty of books, eaten lots of treats, kept warm and kept awake!

Thank you to everyone who took part and i hope you all enjoyed it as much as i did. You can relax even more now, keep reading if you want to, or just put your feet up and watch some television!

The winner of the prize draw for the £20 of vouchers is Christine! Well done Christine, and well done everyone for having read for so long. Christine if you email me your address at, i will get these sent out to you.

You can put the books away guys, but i hope you enjoyed the challenge and the added bonus of helping to raise money for charity.


  1. Crikey i won! Thanks Dannie, that's made me even happier on top of being able to read for a day. What a treat. Thank you for organising everything. I think i am now going to switch to anything but reading for the rest of the evening!

  2. Well done to everyone else who took part, nice speaking to you all.

  3. As fun as it's been Dannie, i'm glad the finish is here. Thanks for a super day and well done on the money raised. I've really enjoyed all the reading. Well done to my comrades who made it to the end:-)

  4. Well done Christine in winning!

    Thanks Dannie for all the hard work you've put in organising the day. I've had a good day and it was a great idea. I am now feeling very tired. I might watch telly for a little while and then crawl into bed. It's strange that I feel so physically exhausted when all I've done is sit around reading all day!

    Well done everyone!!

  5. Well done everyone and well done on your win Christine. Have had a great day and am just managed to finish my book. Anyone for a glass of wine?!

  6. Dannie, thank you for the offer of the vouchers, but i have decided i would like you to keep them. I know that you are doing another charity even in the not so distant future and want raffle prizes for that, so please keep the vouchers, i think they deserve to go to a better cause than me. Take care.x

  7. Well done everyone and especially Dannie for organising this and always thinking of other people x x

  8. Aww, thanks guys, i've really enjoyed it all and it's been great to have so many others taking part with me.

    Your support has been great and collectively we have made a great achievement.

    Christine that is very sweet of you, only if your sure though, you are more than welcome to the vouchers, they are your winnings!

    Thank you guys and take care until the next thing.....!xx

  9. Well done Dannie!

    Really enjoyable event.

    Sft x