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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Reading our way to the half way mark!

With only an hour and a half to go till the half way mark, it's good to see people nestling down with their books and some people even having finished their books. I'm going to leave you all now to enjoy your reads and will check back with you at the half way mark for the next prize give away.

Between the hours of 3.30pm and 4.30pm, i would love it if you leave a comment, so that i know who has made it to the half way mark with us.

I have decided on something a little inventive. I would like you all to take your favourite character from any book and tell me what adventure you would love to send them on. You can be as creative as you, just use your imagination!

The winner drawn out of the hat will win a signed copy of 'Snow Drops' by A.D Miller. This was kindly donated by Alice from her day at Cheltenham book festival. Thank you Alice.


  1. I would go and meet Amelia Peabody (THE HEROINE OF A SERIES OF BOOKS BY AMERICAN AUTHOR ELIZABETH PETERS). She is an Edwardian female archeologist at her latest excarvation in Egypt. She would teach me about her present site and we would solve the latest murder mystery that occurred together. It would be dangerous and exciting and a fascinating time in history to visit and be part of!

    Sft x

  2. Hi Dannie, still going strong with my book. I don't know if anyone has read Labrynth by Kate Mosse, but its very interesting. I suppose a bit of a horror book but a bit of history thrown in there too. Am really glad i got round to reading this, otherwise the thickness of the book would put me off.

    I suppose i would happily send Jo from my favourite book on an adventure with her family. They are all island folk and not accustomed to the city way, so i think it would be comical for her to take them all on a road trip, perhaps to collect some award and whilst there you get to see how they all cope with the city life!

  3. Still reading The Disciple by Steven Dunn
    Draws you into the storyline and makes
    you want to keep going to the end of the book.