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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Charity plans

I heard back from the council today with regards to having a cake stall in the town centre. Its kind of ok news! They are able to give that space to charities and so i have been given a number to call, although it is pretty busy for the next few months, but i may be able to get a space. However the lovely council, charges £35 for renting that space! So, i have an initial £35 outlay in order to hire the space and then need public liability insurance, although will speak to my charity about this.

I suppose the council have to make money, but still think its a bit tight! However i do think a cake stall will definitely be worth it and you have access of the whole space, so it may be worth having something else there. You can't do a raffle there, but don't know if that applies to a tombola too? So, am going to phone possibly tomorrow and see if i can sort out a date or two. I know one of my clients offered to make some cakes for me, i also have friends who are good at baking who i know would help me out with some cakes and buns. I think it would be better to have buns and cookies so that people can buy one or two. Also, cans of drinks during the summer when its hot and my client recommended having tea and coffee available to them, but not sure how feasible this is. However i am fairly happy about having a cake stall, so think i will go ahead and book this, so i have the date in the diary.

I am also hoping to start doing some work with the Uni in September onwards, my friend previously worked there and ran a cake stall there and am hoping that once i have been there for a while i may be able to convince them to let me run a cake stall there, or could even approact the student union in order to do it.

I feel like there are a few things that i have been dissapointed about in relation to my charity stuff, such as the firewalking, which claim to be doing things for the charity but charge extorianate rate and even charge you over £200 to take the waste coal away at the end. I would have liked to have done the firewalking but am thinking this won't work. I will look in to other fundraisers that i can do. I have thought about running a Christmas fete but would just need to many volunteers to help me for that. I have thought of a Christmas party, so having a band play and have food and drinks again. I would look at marketing it better this time and even try and get some radio coverage, but am still not sure on this one yet.

So, what have i been doing?! ..................I have emailed charity challenge as i have only just found out that if i book a second trek with them i get £100, but only if i use a special code. I didn't use the code, but decided to email the charity to see if there was any way of applying the code now, if you don't try you don't get! Figured it was worth giving it a go and as i expalined to them, the money would go to the charity anyway, as their the ones who deserve it.

I have put a couple of books on amazon, which should make me about £17 once sold. I have some bits to stick on ebay, but have the problem of delivery, as i'm not around for them to collect the parcel. So, am thinking i might put these off until mid june, when i am likely to be around more. I will get the beauty tunic on there though within the next week and the game boy package thingamy bob!

I will start looking in to other possible fundraising ideas
I will write a list of businesses to approach in order to get some prizes together that i can auction off

Revised plans

May/june – Sell stuff on ebay - £50
*game boy thing, * dummy, *camp bed, red tunic
-Sell stuff on amazon – play therapy book, itchen way book
- Bank money from family - £55
- Car boot (get a tshirt and balloons etc) - £30
July – Cake sale – Winch - £100
Aug – Begin collecting things for tombola
Sept – Start auctioning off things from companies given - £100 (£400)
Oct - 1st Oct – – cake sale/poss combine with tombola? £150
Nov – End Nov – Bag packing £75
Dec – Charity fete or charity party £100
- Guess reindeer name at All Saints - £40
Feb - Car boot - £30
Chinese new year party - £20
Mar – Charity event - £200
- Cake sale at Uni - £100
Apr – Hoping to be able to collect my money from the car boot - £500
- Get kayakers involved! - £200
May - Get people sponsoring me (Approach new clients) - £50
June – Sponsored walk! Get friends involved and raising sponsorship - £60
July – Something at All Saints fete - £40

Thailand For Clic Sargent

Welcome to my blog!  Thanks for reading this.

In July 2012 i am about to embark on a second trek for Clic Sargent, by facing some of my phobias of creepy crawlies and spiders and am off treking in the Thailand jungle.  After embarking on a self funded trip to China on behalf of Clic Sargent and hearing about the wonderful and supportive work that Clic Sargent do.  The guidance they provide families when they have experienced devastating and terminal news, the way they enable children and young adults dreams to come true, from attending favourite concerts to having wishes fulfilled. 

Clic Sargent do so much for children and young people with cancer, support that is vital during such emontionally difficult times.  To imagine children with cancer is devastating, but to imagine children who have only just learnt to walk or talk, having to experience this trully awful disease is just heartbreaking and thats why i want to raise money for Clic Sargent.  If that money can be used to help extend lives or provide vital treatment, enable people to have their last dreams fulfilled, then its all been worthwhile.

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