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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A big thank you:-)

The generosity of the businesses local to me has been amazing and so i would like to see a big shout out to them and let everyone know just who they are:-)

A big thank you to Sainsbury for their gift voucher, this will be raffled off shortly in a prize draw that everyone can take part in

A big thank you to Tesco for their donation, this will be raffled off in the national prize draw too

A big thank you to AMF bowling in Eastleigh for their donation of a bowling game for four people which has been auctioned off.

A big thank you to Everyman cinemas for their donation of two cinema tickets, which will be raffled off.

These companies have been fantastic in their donations and willingness to help out Clic Sargent

Event cancelled but........

Unfortunately we have had to cancel the charity music event due to poor ticket sales as lots of people were going away and not as many people as possible were able to make it. However, never one to be defeated and thanks to the wonderful generosity of local businesses who have been amazing, we have decided to make the most of that. I contacted seven businesses and four of those got back to me with prizes, which is great.

As we were planning on having a raffle at the charity music event we have decided to still do this in order to raise funds for Clic Sargent. We are holding three prize draws, two of these are local prize draws due to how local the prizes are and open to people within the Winchester and Southampton area. Lots of people have been approached and are kindly giving in order for the raffle to be a sucess.

So, although it is sad news that the charity event has had to be cancelled, it is great that we have been able to make the most of the situation and can still be holding the raffle.