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Sunday, 4 September 2011

A wet and soggy sponsored walk!

The sponsored walk got off to a rather wet and soggy start, with the shower turning in to full on rain which didn't stop for about two hours and by that point we were all completely soaked through. However we all managed to stay enthusiastic!

The good thing about the rain was that it made it feel like more of a challenge as we dogged puddles and stinging nettles! Our shoes lasted about an hour and then the rain began to seep in and we spent the rest of the time squelching along! We were completely drenched and even when the sun eventually came out we were still very wet.

Thanks to the powers of my friends amazing talking voice! We were able to raise a further £14 from passers by who kindly donated to us, including one guy who donated £5 to us, which was so very kind of him. I think we did very well with how much we raised along the way, especially as we didn't see that many people as it was just so wet!

Four hours later, lots of rain and then sun as we crossed our finish line. There was lots of fun along the way including over protective swans, over zealious dogs and very wet people, but we did it and raised over £100 for charity. I will update with how much we have raised for the charity once my friends have given in their sponsorship amounts. However, we managed to raise a nice amount for charity and get fit along the way! I have to say, my body felt completely fine doing the 7.5mile walk and could have kept on walking longer, obviously fitter than i thought!