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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Thailand For Clic Sargent

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In July 2012 i am about to embark on a second trek for Clic Sargent, by facing some of my phobias of creepy crawlies and spiders and am off treking in the Thailand jungle.  After embarking on a self funded trip to China on behalf of Clic Sargent and hearing about the wonderful and supportive work that Clic Sargent do.  The guidance they provide families when they have experienced devastating and terminal news, the way they enable children and young adults dreams to come true, from attending favourite concerts to having wishes fulfilled. 

Clic Sargent do so much for children and young people with cancer, support that is vital during such emontionally difficult times.  To imagine children with cancer is devastating, but to imagine children who have only just learnt to walk or talk, having to experience this trully awful disease is just heartbreaking and thats why i want to raise money for Clic Sargent.  If that money can be used to help extend lives or provide vital treatment, enable people to have their last dreams fulfilled, then its all been worthwhile.

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