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Saturday, 4 February 2012

£10 amazon gift voucher winner is.....

The winner of the first £10 amazon gift voucher is.....Drum roll please.......Hannah:-) Congratulations Hannah (clap clap!)

Well done on winning the £10 amazon gift voucher. I already have your email address, so what i will do is email you the voucher code and details to your email address within the next few hours.

Don't despair everyone though, you will still get a chance, we still have two signed books
to give away, another £10 amazon voucher and £20 for someone who has taken part for the whole 12 hours.

How long are you all planning on reading for?

Has anyone finished a book yet? I'm falling behind on my reading, mainly because i keep coming on here to update and to post!!

Wakey wakey!

Now you might be starting to feel tired or even hungry at this stage, so don't forget to stretch, get those muscles going, hey, you can always read whilst walking around the house!! Get the stomach filled again as we enjoy the afternoon of reading!

If you've finished a book or want to update on what your reading, would love to hear about it.


  1. Well done Hannah!

    I'm still reading the hypnotist. It is quite a big book and is 504 pages long. I've read 235 pages so far so nearly half way through.

    It's a crime thriller and about a boy who slashed up his family killing them. He also slashed himself up and the police discovered it was him who did it by convincing one of the Drs to hypnotise him. Now they have to find proper evidence for it as hypnotism cannot be used as proof.

  2. Congratulations on your win Hannah. Any plans on what you will be buying, any book that you particularly want?

    I'm still on my first book Labrynth and seeing as it is a huge book, i think i will be reading it for some time!

    I hope to read for the whole twelve hours Dannie, but let's see how determined i feel this afternoon.

  3. Well done Hannah.

    I have just finished The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes. Another great book and it got him the Booker Prize. I really enjoyed the book and the way it was wrote. Barnes splits his novel into two halves: the narrator's life story as he remembers it, and the consequences, sort of, of his life as it actually was.It is a reflective and honest book, in many ways about the unreliability of memory, of our perception of ourselves and of others in the past, especially as we begin to tell our own story.

    It's a short book too, hence having finished it. Off to pick my next book now.

  4. Well done Hannah, enjoy your voucher.

    I'm still reading Birdsong and am thoroughly enjoying it and yes those tissues came in handy. It's a complex book i enjoy the way it looks at the character and the strange friendship between Jack and Stephen. I like the character Jack, equally i love the loyalty and support Stephen shows to his men. To be honest this book is very sad!

  5. Ooh lucky me!! Thank you Dannie for the voucher, i didn't expect to win. I'm not sure what i will buy yet Christine, there are a few books i have been thinking of though including Neverwhere, which Katie recommended and i have seen recommended elsewhere.

  6. Well done Hannah.
    Have finished The Golden Door Brilliant ending
    totally unexpected. You really got the feel of New York
    and the huge immigration into the USA at the time
    of the building of the Empire State Building and the
    political and ethnic tensions at that time.
    On to my next book - The Disciple - murder and

  7. I am not a quick reader, I savour parts and probably sit dreaming for a while. Cider with Rosie is so nostalgic!

    Almost half way through!

    Congratulations to Hannah!

    Sft x

  8. Your book sounds good SFT, glad your enjoying it and daydreaming is always welcome!

    Lin, your book sounds really interesting and insightful, somwehat different from The Shining!

    Your book sounds good too Alice, always intrigued about books regaring hypnotists. Am not doing bad with On the Run and am glad i have finally got round to reading it. It's all about two children growing up with a mafia criminal as a father. Am really enjoying the insight into their lives.

    Thanks for everyone's comments so far, it's great to see you all participating.xx