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Saturday, 4 February 2012

The final countdown!

So with less than an hour and a half to go we are on the homeward stretch.

I have just done the prize draw for the Jonathon Ross book and the lucky winner is Lin! Well done on your win Lin. I hope you enjoy your signed copy of his autobiography!

Well done to everyone who has kept on going it sounds like you are keeping up better than me and together we have read some great books, from the Hypnotist, The Golden Door, Birdsong and White teeth. I haven't read that book Rikke but have heard about it and heard good things!

So as we can down the last 80mins i hope you have all had fun and had a relaxing day full of reading.

All i can do now is urge you to continue reading and keep on going and to say that collectively so far we have raised £160 for Clic Sargent just from this challenge, with sponsorship money to come in from anyone who chose to raise some. £160 is a great total from what has been a fun and chilled out day. Couldn't have done it without you all willing to participate. Thank you for supporting Clic Sargent.

So as we enter the last part of our challenge, all i ask you to do is to tell me what has been your favourite part of the day, whether it's reading a book you haven't read before, just being able to relax at home, chilling out, getting ready....whatever you've enjoyed the most about today.

At 9.30pm at the end of our amazing challenge i will announce the prize draw winner, which will be someone who posts between now and 9.30pm. The winner will receive £20 of love to shop vouchers which can be used in a variety of stores.

Thanks for taking part and enjoy the last 80mins!


  1. My favourite thing about today has been having the excuse to do nothing but read all day! Thanks to my lovely boyfriend for making me a gorgeous dinner. I think he's enjoyed having the chance to watch the rugby in peace and quiet and play his PS3!

    I have to admit I am finding this last part pretty hard. I'm struggling with tiredness. I don't think I'd ever thought I'd get fed up with reading! Oh well knowing me come tomorrow I'll be back reading again.

    Good luck to everyone for this last hour we are nearly there- yay!!

  2. I'm definitely tired and struggling, but it's nice to have finished one book and be part way through another. It's been great chatting with others on here and talking books whilst raising money for charity.

    Can't believe how well everyone who has taken part has done.x

  3. I have really enjoyed reading books that have been on my shelves for a long time but i have been avoiding. I'm glad i read Birdsong and am tempted to try another Faulks book, so it's opened my eyes up to other authors.

    Thanks for organising it Dannie and good luck to everyone in the last and hardest hour!

  4. Well done Lin on your win! Good for you.

    I have loved being able to stay at home and do absolutely nothing but read, but yes my eyes are getting tired. I'm glad i've had somewhere cosy to read whilst watching the snow fall.

  5. You guys have all done amazingly!
    I only managed an hour and a half over lunch due to Aidan being on the go, to be fair he sat and "read" his picture book whilst sat with me so he kind of took part!

  6. Congratulations Lin on the book. It's been great to set aside time to read and thanks to today i feel completely relaxed ready for another day off tomorrow!

    Only a short while left now, i may even continue reading after this as i still have about 30pages left to go.