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Saturday, 4 February 2012

So, what are you reading?....

As we begin our first hour into the readathon, i thought it would be great to find out what everyone is reading. Either all the books you're planning to read today or what you are currently reading. Perhaps even a few notes about it, you never know, someone else might be interested in that book!

At the moment i am starting with 'On the run'. It's not exactly a heart warming book as it's about a difficult childhood. However the book was bought for me several years ago and it would be great to get it completed and off the bookshelf!

So, what are you reading?...


  1. Hi Dannie, i'm currently reading Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks. It was recommended to me by a friend and as i had never read Faulks before i thought i would give it a try. Am finding it interesting and am looking forward to seeing how the book unravels.x

  2. Cider with Rosie by Laurie Lee-I've been saving it for this occasion.

    I've just finished the first chapter. Really enjoying it.

    Chapter 1: The huge family arrive to live in a run down cottage in the Cotswolds in 1918. Dad's away, a soldier in the war (WORLD WAR 1). Laurie Lee is just 3 and gives his perspective of the first glorious summer, colourful autumn and cruel winter he can recall. They are visited by a deserter solider who is sleeping rough in the woods. They take pity on him but he is arrested. Chapter finishes with the end of the war being announced. Laurie who has only even known the war, thinks of the Father who's uniformed photo hangs over the fireplace and feels his life is over.

    Sft x

    1. Sarah, I've read Birdsong, hope you've got some tissues.

      Enjoy! Sft x

    2. I'm enjoying the book, quite surprised actually as it's not something i would normally read. Yes, am finding it quite upsetting already, although not a big fan of war related stories. I will bear the tissues in mind!

  3. Birdsong is great. Did u watch the BBC drama of it the last couple of Sunday's? Heartbreaking! I'm reading a Swedish thriller the hypnotist.

    1. Hi Alice, i have seen the first part of the BBC drama but have yet to watch the second part. I did record it on sky though so hopefully later this evening i will get round to watching it. I feel it follows the book quite well though, but the second half of the book will be a surprise for me!

      The hypnotist sounds interesting, you should tell Dannie about it, especially considering her training...

  4. The Golden Door
    Finishing reading this book about an Irish immigrant in the
    USA in the 1930's. His sister left Ireland,landed in the USA
    but he cannot find her. It covers immigration policies, corrupt politicians and gangsters.
    Cannot put the book down now!