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Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Things are getting quite busy here what with organising the great reading challenge, with the 12 hour readathon planned for Saturday 4th Feb. Currently there are 13 people signed up and i have been informed that there are about another 10 still to sign up. Some people feel unable to take part in the challenge but have said that they would happily sponsor me for the Thailand trek and the idea was to raise awareness and increase funds for Clic Sargent, so by whatever means that comes, it's all great:-)

I'm getting quite excited about the readathon now and the opportunity to read for up to 12 hours and talk to friends along the way. Remember that on the day you are welcome to post comments(you can post on here any day in fact!) and chat to others to create a wonderful community atmosphere where we are all doing it for a good cause. However many people choose to sign up is great and shows people's ability that even in tough times we can think of others and support good causes. Without people giving and supporting charities like Clic Sargent they wouldn't be able to continue and i would hate to think that parents would go without the support of the charity, the support of someone being there for their child and for them whilst they are working with the tough diagnosis of cancer and leukemia and for those families who suffer from the diagnosis of their child's cancer being terminal. Having had the privilege to meet people who have had first hand experience of the charity through their children or friend's having cancer, they have said they would have been at a loss without the strength and support of the charity.

So, knowing we are doing it for a great cause makes me smile and to be doing something like the readathon which is great fun! On the day, around every two hours, there will be a little quiz and the best answer or just the name picked out the hat will be the winner of a great prize. There is a top prize for someone who manages to read for twelve hours, which includes a signed book and a £10 gift token, so it's really worth taking part. In order to know how long each person has been reading for, people will need to post a comment every few hours to ensure they are taking part fairly.:-)

It's really nice to see some familiar faces and not so familiar faces signing up for the challenge and all wanting to take part. It doesn't matter who you are or how long you want to read for, your welcome to take part. On the day this blog will be alive and full of posts, so you won't be alone:-)

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