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Sunday, 1 January 2012

The 12 hour readathon update

With almost a month left to go and now that Christmas and New Year are out the way, its time to begin focusing upon the readathon that is planned for February 4th. So far there are 7 people signed up with at least a further 4 who have signed up to the facebook group but just not paid their registration fee yet. I have had some enquiries also. I have not been pushing it or promoting it that much, due to the fact that i felt everyone would be too busy with Christmas, but now that has come to an end, its time to get promoting this great challenge.

Over the next few days i will be contacting book groups on facebook and asking to put it on their pages, sending letters to local libraries and dropping them in at locations. Asking friends to hand out at their book groups and to put in their schools. Putting it on my personal blog, my business website and on my business face book, all in the hope of encouraging more people to get signing up. My target is £600 and so i have some way to go to meet that! I have already sourced a variety of prizes from book tokens to signed books, so there are lots of wonderful prizes to give away. I will also be handing out leaflets to my clients in case they are interested in taking part.

All in all the 12 hour readathon on February 4th is sure to be a great event.

Don't forget to get yourself signed up for it.:-)

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