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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year's eve. Today is the first day of 2012 and a day to focus once again upon charity plans. The Christmas period brought some opportunities to do some fundraising. The tombola at the Clic Sargent charity shop, somewhat disappointingly did not do well. There was rather a lack of interest from people and it seems people were needing their money for other things, which is a shame as i'd hoped it was a time to think of those experiencing difficult times too. However we still managed to raise £25 for the charity, which is a nice small addition to the total.

The week before Christmas, i held a guess the name of the penguin at All Saints pre school in Winchester. Thanks to the lovely generosity of parents and staff, the naming of the penguin helped to raise £33 for the fundraising total. The little penguin found itself a new home and Clic Sargent earned some money that will help to support the children. It Takes the total to £918, which is a nice total to be finishing the year with.

Whilst at the All Saints Christmas fete, i won a big bottle of Whisky on the raffle, which from the 10th Jan onwards i will be raffling off. I will be encouraging my massage clients to be entered into the prize draw, each go is £1 and their name will be place in a hat by 10th Feb. The more go's they have the more the chance of winning. I hope it will make around £40 for the charity but we will have to see. I feel like it will be a good idea and another way of looking at working with different people in order to get them to donate money to the charity. It may even encourage people to sponsor me instead. I will update nearer the time to say how things went.

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