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Sunday, 19 June 2011

As one door closes, new ones open!

So, as some of the doors close, such as the firewalking and the cake stall in the town centre, i have had to think of new ways of fundraising for the charity and have begun looking at an array of ways to raise funds.

I have decided upon a sponsored walk and have two friends defintely up for doing it with me and am off to ask a few more people to see if they are interested in joining us too.  I'm just waiting to hear back from one of my friends as to when she is free.  I'm hoping that i can get a group of seven of us together, obviously more would be great, but within reason as i can't have marshals or anything like that, its just going to be a leisurely walk.  I've been quite focused on it though and have decided upon my route.  I'm planning for us to walk from Bishopstoke to Winchester with hopefully a break along the way and hopefully i can convince the manager of the pub to give the group a free round of drinks when we get half way.  Also when we get to Winchester, there is a pub right where our finishing point is, so i am hoping that we can also ask them for a free round of drinks!  No harm in asking and it will be good publicity for them.  I am looking at offering each person a free foot massage at the end for taking part and will be roping in my parter to giving the group of ladies (who hopefully will be joining us) a lift home.  So, i just need to sort out dates for that and then will ask the ladies if they will join us too.

I have also decided on a way of fundraising for Clic Sargent that will encourage my friends from all over the coutry to take part too.  Quite a few of my far flung friends are book lovers and i have decided that maybe in February i will have a 24hour readathon! Although after some discussion with my friend i may change this to 12 hours instead. But you pay £5 to register and then can gain sponsorship on top of that.  I will post more on this nearer the time so that everyone can get registering and joining in with the challenge!

So, am hoping that with things like that i can raise the £2012 for the charity and possibly even more!  I will also be speaking to a friend who last year hosted a charity music event for me and will be seeing if he will host another one for me for this challenge.  It was a great success earlier this year and i anticipate it will be again.

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