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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Clic Sargent charity plans

Plans are well under way for my Clic Sargent fundraising goal and i have currently fundraised £583.  My goal is £2012 as a result of doing the Thailand trek in 2012.  I have managed to raise most of the money through selling things on ebay and doing some small little fundraising things.  The dress makers dummy sold well, as did a bunch of puppets and a keyboard.  You can see the sales here, as well as being able to sponsor me! Sowden/showFundraiserProfilePage.action?userUrl=dannieadventure

Over the next few weeks i plan to list more things on ebay, with an ironing chair to sell, which should earn around £25 for the charity.  I am also busy going through all belongings to sort out my stuff and have more stuff to sell for Clic Sargent.  I have a willow tree figurine and will be listing that on ebay, which should hopefully make at least £5 for the charity.  I would like to do a car boot at some point, but have just been incredibly busy so haven't had an opportunity yet.

So, over the next month i plan to sell as much as possible for charity and contact companies regarding raffle and tomobola prizes.  I also have my sponsored walk on 4th September!

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